“Khatau’s fresh, understated heroine and Chung’s likable, short-fused hero are nicely matched -- she is hilarious”
Los Angeles Times

“Ewan Chung (Michael) and Rachna Khatau (Sonya) form a very cute couple as Chung and Khatau exude chemistry... Khatau...evokes much laughter.”

“Khatau is not only smart/ditzy perfection as neurotic New Yorker Sonya, anyone who saw her play twice her age (and with an Indian accent to boot) in last year’s A Nice Indian Boy will find her performance an eye-opener. Want to update Friends to the 2010s? How about Khatau as your Rachel, Monica, or Phoebe? She’d rock all three roles as she does Sonya.”
– StageSceneLA

A Nice Indian Boy

“Complications come from Naveen’s doing-their-best parents (an assured Anjul Nigam and the scene-stealing Rachna Khatau)...'Indian Boy's' biggest laughs come from Khatau’s spot-on timing...”
– Los Angeles Times
“There’s a wonderful reprieve…and it comes from Khatau. On paper, the actress is way too young to play the mother of grown children, but she is thoroughly convincing and funny. She comically delivers Shekar’s best lines as the mom who is doing everything to support her son.”
– The LA Downtown News 

“Perhaps most remarkable of all is the tall, stunning Khatau, disappearing into the skin of a woman at least twice her age, and making us believe in this Indian tiger of a mother whom any son would be proud to call Mom.”
– StageSceneLA

Cancer! The Musical

“The performances are great.”
– Vice.com 

“They say laughter is the best medicine—so while Second City may not have found an actual cure for cancer, they’re delivering enough medicine to go around.”
– Time Out LA

"Cancer! The Musical, is a must-see."
– TheCultureTrip.com