MR. (with the period)
a sketch comedy show

MR. (with the period) is a two-woman sketch comedy ensemble written by and starring Molly Donnelly and Rachna Khatau, directed by Emmy-nominated writer, Matt Craig (SNL). They have performed to sold out crowds in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Austin. Who says women aren’t funny?  We do.  Just kidding, we have PMS.

Official Selection of

Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival
Chicago Women's Funny Festival
Out of Bounds Comedy Festival (Austin, TX)
Los Angeles Scripted Comedy Festival
Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival

Reviews for MR. (with the period)

“Rachna Khatau and Molly Donnelly had great energy and were hilarious, they kept the crowd thoroughly entertained! They co-wrote the show and used a lot of their own personal stories as inspiration!”  – ABC Casting Executives

"Molly Donnelly and Rachna Khatau bring their two-woman act from the streets of Los Angeles and the direction of Emmy-nominated writer, Matt Craig, to the stages of Chicago. Here for a limited time only, don't miss these two.” –

“Molly & Rachna are hilarious, talented performers, and MR. (with the period) is a sharp, smartly written, funny sketch comedy show!” – Marc Warzecha, Associate Artistic Director, The Second City